Professional C Serums (L-ascorbic Acid)

Professional C Serums (L-asorbic Acid)

Professional C Serums (L-ascorbic Acid)


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    Professional C Serums (L-ascorbic Acid)

    10% 15% and 20%

    Professional- C serum 10%

    Concentrated formula which is gentle enough to use on dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

    Professional-C serum 15%

    High performance serum suitable for most skin types

    Professional-C serum 20%

    Highest concentration serum best suited for normal to oily skin

    Benefits of Obagi professional-C serums Vs. Other brands due to its ability to penetrate deep within the skin L-asorbic acid (vitamin C) stimulates collagen synthesis reduces inflammation Suppresses pigmentation Retains moisture Enhances UV protection Replenishes Vitamin E


    Benefits of Vitamin C

    Neutralise free radicals at all layers of the skin Helps maintain normal cellular turnover Build collagen Lighten and brighten the skin Reduce inflammation Decrease trans-epidermal water loss


    Instructions for use

    Use 5-7 drops after cleansing and toning the skin in the morning.

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    Professional- C serum 10%, Professional- C serum 15%, Professional- C serum 20%


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